JHS Vending, Coffee Service and FundraisingJHS Vending, Coffee Service and FundraisingJHS Vending, Coffee Service and Fundraising

Products for Vending

This Vending Sample Snacks Layout shows our most popular products. We carry all major brands of best selling cookies, chips, candy, pastry, gum and mints. You can customize your order selection.

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Soft Drinks
Our beverage machines carry all major soft drink brands, including Pepsi, Coke, Snapple, Powerade and more.

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Coffee/Hot Drinks
Our coffee/hot drink machines offer best selling coffee products.

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JHS Vending Sample Snacks Layout

Lays Chips

JHS Vending

Healthy Choice
Healthy Choice

Sun Chips
Healthy Choice

Healthy Choice
Tato Skins
Healthy Choice
Snyder Pretzels
Healthy Choice
Mr. Nature Trail Mix
Chex Mix
Famous Amos Chocolate Chips
Grandma's Van Cremes
Drivers Special!

Snack item at reduced prices
M&M's M&M Peanuts
Reese's PB Cups
Big Kat
Hershey Bar Twix
Healthy Choice
Drivers Choice
Drivers Choice
Lance Nip Chee
Healthy Choice
Mr. Nature Salted Almonds
Healthy Choice
Nutrigrain Bar
Healthy Choice
Planters Peanuts
Healthy Choice
Nature's Valley Oat & Honey Granola Bar
Healthy Choice

Lorna Doones
Mrs. Freshley's Honey Bun
Dolly Coffeecakes
Hostess Cupcakes
Bear Claw
JHS Vending and Coffee
Lifesavers Lifesavers Lifesavers Wrigley's Winterfresh Gum
Wrigleys Spearmint Gum
IceBreakers Gum Drivers Choice Goetze Caramel

JHS Sample Plan-O-Gram is a typical selection arrangement. Items can be changed to suit your specific needs.Click here for PDF version of Plan-O-Gram PDF for Download

Healthy Snacks

JHS Offers A Large Variety Of Healthy Snacks

In an effort to better serve your needs, we have healthy snacks available upon request. If you would like to try some of our new healthier snacks, please let us know.

Some have been calling for the removal of vending machines from schools and other common installation areas, citing poor food choices that lead to obesity. JHS knows that machines are not the problem—but that the lack of healthy options may be a contributing factor. We have responded by stocking healthy alternative products—either low in fat, sugar, or both, for approximately 25% of the selection choices.