JHS Vending, Coffee Service and FundraisingJHS Vending, Coffee Service and FundraisingJHS Vending, Coffee Service and Fundraising

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Keeping the Customer Satisfied

Connecticut Route Service

As a John Hayes & Sons customer, you will always have clean, well-maintained, fully-stocked machines. Our timely visits keep downtime to a minimum. JHS Vending will provide restocking and maintenance service as often as needed based on your usage.

Quality Products - Large Selection

JHS Vending and Coffee Service provides only fresh name-brand food and beverage items. In addition to feedback routinely provided by our route supervisors, we continually conduct market research, monitoring customer preferences. We know that tastes change, and restock accordingly. You are never “stuck” with items you no longer want—just let us know—menu changes are made quickly, no questions asked.

Promotions and Specials

JHS Driver Specials are snack items offered at reduced prices. In addition, we pass along promotions and discounts offered by manufacturers.


Our uniforms clearly identify our route personnel as employees of JHS Vending and Coffee Service Supply. Each vehicle in our fleet is branded with our JHS logo. This is important in today's security conscious environment.


JHS Vending and Coffee Service refund policy is designed to provide immediate refunds of lost coins or currency to machine users.

Computer Controls for Maximum Efficiency

JHS Vending and Coffee Service is fully computer-integrated to serve you in the most efficient and effective manner possible. Your account status has built-in controls to alert us when your next service or maintenance call is due. Our in-house computerized inventory data system ensures we maintain sufficient supplies of both products and maintenance parts.

Emergency Service 24/7

In the unlikely event you need immediate vending service, we dispatch the appropriate personnel who resolve most problems within two hours. Our large inventory of spare parts within our 7,500 square foot facility, permits “on demand” repair service.